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Why "Pre-Register?"

Just as your medical care will be custom tailored to meet your individual needs, VIP Medical Centers
needs to know the community it will be serving to better plan to meet it's needs.  For example, this center
will cover Henderson and Anthem areas.  Although we have several locations selected, we will use the
demographics of those who pre-register and the "Charter Members" to help select the best location. 

As the center grows, we will add services based on the members needs.  For example, weight loss programs,
spinal decompression, cosmetic procedures and allergy testing are just some of the services we are considering for this location.

Additionally, the first who register will be given the opportunity to join with a "Charter Membership". 
As VIP Medical Centers expands its services, there may be higher tiered memberships providing
additional benefits.  Charter Members lock in higher tiered benefits at the base membership price, saving them up to
$1500/year or more. 


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