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Welcome to your patient resource pages. 

It's an exciting time in medicine; there is a constant flow of new developments to treat disease and to increase health and well being..  We are always trying to improve patient care.  Our VIP model gives you better access to the innovative care you want and need.

Use the topics on the left to navigate.  Be sure to check back often as we continue to update our site and add ways to contribute to your health and well being.


The core element in our patient centered medical home model is to provide better access to care.  See your physician when you need the help and have the time to get the help you need. 

Additionally, we seek out services that you want and need.  In the services pages you can learn about some of theses services and see how VIP Medical Centers empowers you for better health and wellness.  As your read through these pages you will better understand our model and discover services that we are adding for you.  Learn about the VIP doctor-patient relationship and additional education and services you can access a memberto improve your health and quality of life.

Pre-register early, there i s no obligation, but this allows us to invite you to events and keep you up to date on our open enrollement dates.